Weekend Box-Office: ‘Rampage’ Stomps Out Competition w/ $35.5 Million!


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According to Box-Office Mojo,  Warner Bros. and New line’s video-game adaptation, Rampage (starring Dwayne Johnson) stomped its way into the top spot, with an estimated $34.5 million,  in 4,101 theaters. It will probably hold on for next weekend, until it gets crushed under the weight of an even bigger behemoth,Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, by the end of the month. 



Last weekend’s #1 film, Paramounts’ A Quiet Place has recently grossed a total of $100 million (domestically) after just 10 days, with an additional $151 million, from the international box-office.  The John Krasinski-helmed Horror film has dropped at the #2 spot this weekend, with an estimated total of $32.6 million (in 3,589 theaters locations). A Quiet Place is a boom on Paramount Picture’s earnings, given that 2016’s Star Trek Beyond was the last major film to help the studio’s bankroll,  w/ a total of $158.8 million (domestic)  




At #3, is the low-budget Blumhouse Production Horror flick, Truth or Dare, which brought in just $19 million, in 3,029 locations.  This seems quite Impressive given that it had to compete against a much well-received fellow genre mate, A Quiet Place. Perhaps, the Friday the 13th release date had given the film some much-needed luck.




Standing at #4, is Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, which managed to earn an estimated, Domestic total of $115 million, after just 18 days. However, in 65 overseas foreign markets, the film has taken in a whopping International total of $360.2 million. 



Rounding out at #5, is the R-Rated Teen Comedy, 🐓 Blockers,which suffered a hefty 50% drop during its 2nd weekend, earning just $10.3 million, domestically ($37 million, total).  The film managed to be stay afloat in 6 international markets, bringing in just $3.9 million from 21 overall territories, for an international cume of $16 million.

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