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March 13, 2018

Top Cow’s New Comic-Book Day Previews!

Preview: Port of Earth Vol. 1 TP, Bonehead #3, and Postal: Laura hit comic shops Wednesday, March 14th.


  • Writer: Zack Kaplan
  • Artist / Cover: Andrea Mutti
  • Colorist: Vladimir Popov
  • Letterer: Troy Peteri

Imagine if aliens came to Earth not in war or peace, but with a business deal: open up a spaceport here on Earth in exchange for advanced technology. But when our alien visitors break Port restrictions and wreak havoc in our cities, it falls to the newly formed Earth Security Agents to hunt down and safely deport the dangerous rogue aliens back to the Port of Earth. A gritty sci-fi action thriller from new comic book writer ZACK KAPLAN (ECLIPSE) and ANDREA MUTTI (Rebels, Star Wars, Batman Eternal, Prometheus). Collects PORT OF EARTH #1-4.


  • Writer: Bryan Hill
  • Artist: Isaac Goodhart
  • Colorist: K. Michael Russell
  • Letterer: Troy Peteri
  • Cover Artist: Raffaele Ienco

Laura has spent her life protecting her town, the criminals within it, and her son’s future. Now her son might choose to leave her behind to start a new life away from her. Laura Shiffron punishes those who want to abandon her rules—with death—but will she apply the same brutal ideology to her own son?


  • Writer: Bryan Hill
  • Artist/ Cover: Rhoald Marcellius

Faced with the growing trouble over the new and deadly neuro-narcotic plaguing the working-class sections of the city, Aleph, Hideki, and Subject 56 may have to work together to stop the crisis. The first step: Uniting the gangs.

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