Review: Top Cow and Image Comics’ “Cyber Force #1” Is A Shaky Relaunch, w/ Tremendous Potential!

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Marc Silvestri’s 90’s team of super-cyborgs are back! In the nostalgia-driven, pop-culture landscape that we’ve experienced in the past several years, the Cyber-Force team relaunch hopes to gain itself a new era of readers. Unfortunately, Cyber Force #1 suffers from a sudden case of hurdles will make it a bumpy read. However, such hurdles shouldn’t overshadow its potential to become a full-fledged series.


Mind you, I am in no way, meant this will had a failure to launch. There are a lot of good elements that has risen its potential above its issues (which I will state, later in the review). Writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill both captured the essence of 90s-era comics, really well. There is a nice energy that leaps off the page, while the writing does a great job of introducing everyone back into the world that Silvestri had created back in 1992.


The character work on the issue’s two leads goes a long way in getting readers to care about the story. The father/daughter relationship that the writers so greatly portrayed is what makes this book unique.


Unfortunately, the story itself falls flat, here. There is really no new ground being broken, nor is there a hook to get people to jump onto the comic. The plot-points of this issue could lead to some interesting places, but the setup just did not stick.


The art, by Atilio Rojo is outstanding, elevating the execution of action and emotion of the story, despite the latter falling flat. The action sequence (at the beginning) was really visceral and haunting. The emotion and character work that Rojo managed to put into those scenes are a sight to behold. While the quiet moments of the story will leave the reader in a place of disengagement, Rojo does amazing work, nonetheless.


Although, Cyber Force #1 may not pick up any new readers, the foundation of this book is too strong to give up on. It has the potential for greatness. It is, by far, a comic-book you should most definitely keep an eye on.




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