NERDSoul Sundays (Season 2/Episode #3): Black Women: The Uprising (w/ Lovely Murrell)!

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Welcome to the another episode of our online series, NERDSoul Sundays. On this episode, Wellness Coach, Natural Remedy Enthusiast, and all-around NERD, Lovely Murrell discusses the the evolution of Black Women in the media, tv, movies, science, technology, and pop-culture, and how the uprising of Women of Color in fields represents the importance of inclusivity.


So grab a cup of coffee and tune in to Julia’s contribution, on NERDSoul Sundays.

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Lovely Murrell is a wellness guide with over twenty years in the Natural Products Industry. She uses her extensive knowledge of vitamins, herbs and natural living to help people reach their health goals so that they have the time and energy to create a magical life.

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