John Krasinski Plans Sci-Fi Thriller “Life on Mars”, With His “Quiet Place” Team.

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Life on Mars, Kransinski

The new actor-turned-director, John Krasinski knows a good things when he sees it. With the overnight success of the Horror film, A Quiet Place (which he has written and directed), Kransinki will re-team with his producing team for another genre film.

Alongside Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller as producers, Krasinki will direct, We Have Always Lived on Mars, based on a short-story by Cecil Castelluccito. No screen-writer has been chosen at the moment.

The story centers around a woman, who among decedents of a Martian Colony, forgotten by Earth, discovers she can breath the air of Mars, upending her world and that of her fellow colonists.

Paramount Pictures will reportedly distribute the featured film. However, it is too early to say who will star in the film. But, due to the success of A Quiet Place, a lot of people are looking forward to the next, best thing, from Krasinski.

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